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Lori DeJesu, a singer/songwriter from New York, NY has been singing since she was a small child. However, neighborhood plays and family sing-a-longs were satisfying for only so long! Originally from Huntington, NY, Lori moved to New York City to pursue her love for entertainment right after graduating college with a degree in Psychology.

Having a taste of NY City and the entertainment business, Lori liked to act as much as she liked to sing, but it soon became evident she was better at the latter... While at a club with some friends, Lori became mesmerized with the band on stage. "They were so much fun. They had an amazing stage presence". She was hooked. The band asked the audience if there were any female singers who knew Melissa Etheridge's "Like the Way I do". Although, her friend encouraged her to jump up and raise her hand, Lori declined. At that point, another female jumped up on stage to sing the song. As Lori reports, she regretted her choice and was filled with envy. As it turned out, this girl did not know the lyrics and the band kicked her off stage! They asked again, "Does anyone know the lyrics and can sing?” This time, she didn't make the same mistake. Lori took stage. Not only did she just "sing" the song; she "performed" the song. She knew it was where she belonged.

Lori began recording as a solo artist. She collaborated with her producer then formed and fronted the band Abigail Craine. A few years later, Lori went back to recording as a solo artist while simultaneously completing her masters degree in Forensic Psychology. As big of an advocate she is for education, Lori's passion resides in singing and songwriting. She hooked up with Producer Chris Young and began recording again. Just a few, short years later and most recently, she signed a Digital Distribution Deal with Izzy Gold Records and just recently released her debut album everything...

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